Design Challenge Rules

Here are all the design challenge rules in one place. We reserve the right to change these at any time without notice.

  • New designs -Please make something new to submit to the challenge. The point is to inspire you to create!
  • Please follow the current theme. We know people will interpret this differently but we must be able to recognize the theme.
  • All entries need to be in the challenge album by the closing date.
  • Three entries per challenge -Please pick your favorite three designs to share. Each design must be uploaded into the corresponding Facebook album.
  • You must use Victorine Originals products in your entry, which includes any one of the many brands that we carry in our store!
  • Please share the challenge on your own page with the tag #Summorefuncreations  
  • We reserve the right to remove entries that do not fit the theme at our discretion, without notice. (We don't anticipate doing that often. Hopefully never!)
Picking the Winner

Let's get real for a moment here. Art is very subjective. Saying one design is better than another is downright silly (in our humble opinion). Different designs are targeted at different audiences and different techniques have different results -not better than another -just different. With that said, we use the highly scientific and complex method of eeny-meeny-meiny-moe to choose the winner.

Just kidding.

We will use a randomizer to pick which entry is the winner. Each entry is given a number and we'll use Obviously, the people who enter three designs will have a higher chance of winning, but each entry will have an equal chance regardless of skill level.

Create, create, create!

  • Prizes vary by the challenge. It may be a stamp set or a gift certificate to It could be for another product. Please check the individual challenges for more information. 
  • If you are a winner please email us to claim your prize.There will be a prize for the person who’s design is the favorite of our design team this will be picked by a vote from the team.
  • Only one prize per person will be issued.
We wish we didn't need a section on piracy, but it's a necessary evil.

Do not steal someone else's work and submit it as your own. If you are discovered doing this, you will be banned from all future design challenges. We hope you are shocked and appalled like us, but piracy is a sad reality for many talented designers out there.

Please, don't steal from us either. We currently do not sell our images digitally. We also have records of who has purchased which stamp. If you are suspected of downloading our stamp designs, printing them out and putting them in your designs just to increase your prize, you will be banned from all future design challenges. We may ask you to email us a picture of you holding our stamp. You do not need to purchase to win, so please don't abuse us.


  1. I am good with the new ruling - when the first challenge opened it was unlimited and I did not keep checking the rule page to see if there was a change - so if my unlimited uploads have to be deleted from challenge one - I understand. have a blessed week - Happy Mother's Day to the mom's out there!

  2. These rules are for future challenges, so no worries for everyone who entered. Gail, your Tea bag holder was the winning entry. The official announcement will be made on Monday! <3

  3. About 20 years ago I owned a small stamp store in Watertown, South Dakota. One of the lines of stamps that we carried was Double D Stamps. I just learned that you carry some of their designs. So... decided to check out your site and was happy to see that you offer a challenge. Am going to go and see if I can come up with something nautical!

    1. That's fantastic! We have many people who remember Double D stamps. They have some fantastic designs, so we're not surprised.