Sunday, January 27, 2019

Using Cardboard Is SumMore Fun!

Hello, Jeanette here from the design team with a card to share with you.

I ordered a couple of books and they arrived this week I looked at the corrugated cardboard they came in and thought to myself... Useful? Sure! Why not!

So I tore and tore and tore a piece to get the size I wanted, making sure to see  bit of ruggedness, too. Then I taped it into my stamping platform using Washi Tape (since it was too thick for the magnets to work)... and I stamped the tree from the Raisin Boat Winter Heart and Sole stamp set onto that piece of cardboard. 

I kind of like the way it looks!

I stamped the ice skates onto 110# white cardstock so they would be sturdy enough to pop up with foam tape. The heart is a brad - it worked fine since it had longer posts, not wee short ones like some brads have.

I wanted to do something with the inside of my card, too, so I took a similar (yet taller) tree from the Raisin Boat Merry Nature stamp set and stamped it on the inside.

I hope you'll look at things around you (like cardboard) in new ways - thinking of ways to use them in your card-making. It's fun, creative, and maybe even a wee bit eco-friendly, too.

Have a GREAT day!

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