Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sewing Themed Card using Flawed Rubber as Embellishment

It's Sabrina again!  I'm back with more flawed rubber. This time I used a slightly different technique.

This sewing machine is from the Mirkwood Sewing Set (10577-X). I pulled it out of the flawed rubber box and decided to play with it. It was a bear to fussy cut as I'm sure you can imagine.  This time, instead of inking the stamp to make the details pop, I filled the gaps with embossing powder then heated it to melt it in the cracks. 

Wouldn't ya know it? I was so busy doing it, that I forgot to take pictures of the process! Doh!

What I figured out that gave me the best results was to dump the embossing powder in heaps all over the stamp then use my finger to brush across the top. I tried a brush first, but it putted the embossing powder out of the crevices. I used a piece of paper, but it left too much embossing powder where I didn't want it. 
Then I used the typical steps of running the heat gun to let it heat up then starting by heating the back of the card. Because it's a powder that melts and shrinks, I did two layers of embossing powder for the spots that didn't fill completely the first time.

For the rest of the card, I found some solid light green card stock that matched the background paper nicely. I used a piece of scrap lace I had laying around as well as a couple sewing pins I had in my sewing box.  The sentiment is Sending My Love To You (74369-B).


  1. WOW! Another cool way to use the bad stamps! :) Never thought of embossing it either... very creative Sabrina! :)
    Your card is wonderful! :)


  2. What a great idea to use those otherwise unusable stamps! I <3 my sewing machine stamp!!