Sunday, August 6, 2017

Playing With Flawed Rubber

Hi All!  Sabrina here.  
I've considered doing a post like this since I had an idea while staring at a flawed stamp. 

What is a flawed stamp you ask?  When making stamps, if I don't get the pressure just right or I miscalculate the size of bearer bars or plates, I end up with stamps that are imperfect like the Empty Snow Globe (5043-S) pictured below.

Look closely at the right side of the globe on this one. See the little bubbles? No good for a stamp. That makes this stamp is flawed. Some times I make the backing too thin to make a good stamp. Sometimes the rubber doesn't vulcanize properly. (Beam me up, Scotty!) I think you get the idea. Random things go wrong. The stamp isn't perfect. I'm not sending it to a customer.

This week, I had an order for this empty snow globe. I forgot to put the bottom plates in so the rubber didn't fill in this stamp completely. I made a new one for the customer then I stared at this one and realized it was the PERFECT stamp for this experiment. Instead of throwing it away, I started cutting out the stamp.

Got the outside done, so started the inside. Rubber is quite flexible and sturdy so I folded the die in half then cut with my Kai scissors.  I can't stress enough how the right scissors can make or break a project like this. Do not attempt to fussy cut rubber with regular paper scissors. You want short, sharp blades.


 To make a long story short, for the background of this card, I found these 3 different finishes of paper in the color family I wanted. I cut 1" strips and taped at the diagonal with my Tombow Mono Adhesive. I found some cord with these colors and glued diagonally in the corners.

This is a window card. I used a circle cutter to make the window through the front of the card the same size as the stamp's globe. On the inside of the card, I stamped Mr. and Mrs. Claus (2195-G) and used regular colored pencils to color. To get the rich red, I used the red-orange, then a layer of red, then burnished with brown.The green dress was the darker green with a light layer of black.I used an black ink to add definition to the pattern in the stamp then let everything dry.

Easy peasy! I bet you could come up with something better!

Where do you get flawed rubber? I don't know about other stamp manufacturers, but I can't stand wasting something that someone can use. We sell thirty flawed stamps for $6.00! 
Some people like flawed rubber to use for collages or as backgrounds. This was a fun project that added an interesting three dimensional effect. You all are so creative, I'm sure many of you can think of even better uses for it!

Love and Crafty Kisses,


  1. What an imaginative way to repurpose that flawed stamp! Your card is adorable.

  2. This is such a cool idea! I would think that would be great for mixed media.

  3. I think this is such a NEAT idea.. never would have thought to do that with a stamp... LOVE it!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  4. Anyone who has an old rubber stamp that doesn't stamp well can use this, too. :)

  5. This is ingenious! (Plus, I've wanted a snow globe stamp for a while, and have been watching for one with a nice, rich wood grain base. I now know where I can find one!)

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  7. Very imaginative and one of a kind. Love the way it turned out 😊