Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goodie Gift Sack

Hello again!  Today I would like to share a pattern with you that I created entitled the "Goodie Gift Sack".  It's a great little goodie container, perfect for this time of year if you have a small gift.  A gift card would fit nicely in here, or you could fill it with candy for the little ones.  Here are a couple of stamped examples:


The hardest part of making this is folding the bottom together, and even that's not hard.  But I took a few photos of it just in case you had some trouble with it.  First, fold in the small flaps like this:


Then, fold the bottom one up, and tuck the top notch into it, like this:


If you are putting something light into it, you don't even have to secure the bottom.  If you're afraid it's going to come undone, just secure with a little tape.

Click here to print the pattern.

All stamped images are from Victorine Originals rubber stamps. We're having a great half price sale right now, so you might want to click on over there and see what stamps are marked half price!

I hope you enjoy making this little Goodie Gift Sack!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment.