Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Simple Card

Hello - Jeanette here from the design team (and from Cre8tive Play). Thank you for stopping by the blog today! Let me warn you, though, today's blog post is not like most of the posts you'll find on this site. Normally, we focus on the amazing stamps from the SumMore Fun store (Victorine Originals and Raisin Boat) For good reason! The stamps are amazing! And fear not, today's card does have a stamped sentiment on it. However, today's card is extremely simple for a very good reason.

If you're like me, you've watched almost in horror as our world has been battered  by the current pandemic. It is frightening. So many people are suffering and not just those who have the COVID-19. The medical staff who again and again put themselves at risk. The truck drivers who keep working so shelves can be restocked, etc. The parents who are now becoming the main educators of their children. Those in nursing homes and care centers who are no longer allowed visitors.

It. is. heartbreaking.

Then in just the past two or three days I've heard of care centers that are asking for cards to be sent to the residents to help combat the loneliness. Yesterday, the Skilled Nursing wing at our small town hospital also made a request for cards. An encouraging word can mean a lot to those who are alone. So I got to work. I prepared 50 cards to donate - some I mailed to another state/facility and some I put in the hands of our local Skilled Nursing facility. i had a stash of cards, yes, but I also needed more. So I made simple cards - that I could put together quickly. I chose cheerful colors and simple words. My goal: make cards that will bring smiles to those who receive them.

I used a simple sentiment from the Raisin Boat No Loss for Words stamp set on my card.

It literally only took me 10 minutes to make it. There's nothing fancy about it at all. I wrote a "generic" note inside, after all, I don't know who will receive it. I then placed it in a clear envelope - that way the staff can see what they are giving to the patient. 

It was a small thing to do. But it was something I could do.

What will you do? What can we all do? Help one another. Look out for our neighbors. Be kind to those working so hard in the stores so we'll have what we need. Offer a kind word. 

Think of others and let them know we care.

Thanks again for stopping by!

I hope you have SumMore Fun today!

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