Sunday, April 15, 2018

A little magic that is Unicorn SPiT

Have you heard of the awesome product called Unicorn SPiT? If you haven't, you're missing out and must get some today!!! It is a gel glaze and stain product that works on so many surfaces! And it even smells good!

For this project, I used the Unicorn SPiT and a piece of wood. I started by sanding down the rough edges of my wood and then doing a little finger painting. Are you sold already?

The Unicorn SPiT is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. I applied my SPiT in circles starting from the center of the board. I then wet the board down with a spray bottle of water. Then I put a piece of saran wrap over the top. I sprayed the saran wrap to help my hands slide over it better, then pushed the paint from the center outward.

Once I was happy with the spreading of the SPiT, I removed the saran wrap. I did a little adjusting using more water, more SPiT and my hands! Yes, you get dirty with this product!

I was sort of going for the galaxy look with my board, so I grabbed the Victorine Originals Large Medallion stamp and got it wet with water. Then I lightly and carefully stamped it a few places on my board, wetting it with water as needed. Since the Unicorn SPiT is a water-based product, it reacts with the water. This leaves a cool watercolor-effect image you can see in the background.

After I was happy with my design, I let it dry and then sealed it. You want to use an oil-based sealer for SPiT projects. And, the polyurethane really makes the SPiT shine! Adding the gloss finish makes the paint look so much cooler! I put five coats of poly on this board.

To finish off my project, I used a Chalk Couture transfer. (Want to learn more and you're local to SumMore Fun's Creation Station? Check out the class schedule today.) Since the board is sealed with the poly, I can erase and change out my sentiment whenever I'd like!

If you're ready to get your fingers dirty, check out all the awesome colors of the Unicorn SPiT and order yours today!

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What are you creating? I'd love for you to share it with us! Happy crafting! 

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