Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Got a Couple Minutes? I Need Your Help.

Who loves clear acrylic stamps?

Many of you have expressed your desire that we carry stamps that you can see through. In fact, one of my good friends told me point blank that she would love to support my business, but she only buys clear stamps. They are easy to use with the clear acrylic blocks or a Misti-type device to get perfect alignment on cards, scrapbook pages and other devices.

I've spent the last year researching how to make the clear stamps. The equipment is expensive and the supplies are a large upfront investment to buy enough so I can make them and keep them low priced. It's the usual, if you buy in bulk, you get a better price.

I bought the equipment. Then, I ordered the photopolymer "goo" in a small quantity to play with and figure out how to make the stamp sets.  I have the production down, but I've run out of goo! (Here's one of the first experiments pictured here.)

Which brings us to where I am now. My desire is to bring clear acrylic stamps to my community of stampers at a good price without losing money on each set. This means I need to buy the goo in a larger quantity than I did before. 

I have a few options. I can go to a bank and get a loan, try a Kickstarter campaign or I can wait for enough orders to buy it. The bank is an option, but it's not interesting. (And I'd rather skip paying lots of interest.) A Kickstarter campaign could be a lot fun, but it means delaying production by a month or two. There's also no guarantee we'd hit the goal which means no financing and we wasted a lot of time. The most ideal option is to have orders and pay for it ourselves. While we have a steady stream of orders, monthly overhead chips away the money I save.

As I researched Kickstarter, I realized that it's mainly taking pre-orders for companies like mine. Kickstarter is fascinating if you've never checked it out. People commit an amount of money to help a company or organization finance a project. It might be a new product. It might be a film. There are even campaigns to make potato salad.  (Don't ask. We don't know why he got 55,000.) 

The successful campaigns have different rewards for different monetary levels.  You reward people for helping you out. I'm down with that. I LOVE spoiling my customers.

Then it clicked. 

I can do the same thing here. 

Without Kickstarter. 

We wouldn't have to wait months. I can still give people lots of fun rewards. If we don't get quite enough money for all the supplies in a week, we just wait a little longer for the usual orders to make up the difference. It's a hybrid of Kickstarter and orders.

If you've read this far, thank you! We'll get to the nitty-gritty now.

We have the website at From now until May 27th, any order over $25 will be considered a pre-order for an acrylic set. This means you get the stamps you ordered AND your choice of acrylic sets when we are in production. I'll send your acrylic set in the mail for free as soon as we are producing. No shipping charge. You'll just have happy mail sitting in your mailbox one day.

Is she crazy?

Maybe. We have 4 kids so I'm sure it's debatable. (Hee hee hee)

It gets better. Any order over $50 will have your choice of THREE (3) acrylic sets.


Any order over $100 will get your choice of SEVEN (7) sets.  We'll even let you build your own set from Victorine Original images* and any sentiment you want.

You're probably wondering about these sets by now. 

They will be the standard 4" x 6" sets. They will retail for $15 on our website. We will try to have a combination of around 15 images and sentiments on each set. Here's a couple designs we're playing with. The final designs might not be exactly what you see here, but it will be close.

We think these butterflies would be perfect to watercolor. 16 designs in total.

Father's Day is coming up. Our goal is to have the acrylics in production and shipping the first week of June. Wouldn't this set of 16 be perfect to make a card for the car-loving man in your life?

We are also looking into making sets with one large image and maybe a couple smaller ones with it. We might make some smaller sets like 3" x 3".

Because we have purchased all the supplies needed to make our acrylic stamps, we are free to create new sets and designs of many sizes at our leisure. In fact, we have artists that are interested in having us produce their stamp lines. One is a coloring book artist. They will make such wonderful stamps! You can stamp and color it yourself or leave it un-colored to let the recipient color it. 

We will have new acrylic options available at least once a month if not more often.

If you're on our newsletter list, you have a 20% off coupon sitting in your inbox. Feel free to use that to maximize your buying power. As always, we'll throw a few extras in every order just because it makes shopping much more fun when you know you get a surprise in every package!

Order $25.00 or more at before May 27th and we will send you a 100% free acrylic stamp set of your choice when we are in production. 
($15.00 value for FREE)

Order $50.00 or more in stamps and we'll send you three 100% free acrylic stamp sets of your choice when we are in production. ($45.00 value for FREE)

Order $100.00 or more in stamps and we will send you SEVEN 100% free acrylic stamp sets of your choice when we are in production. You can even build your own set with Victorine Originals images* and any sentiments you want! We'll probably name a set after you as well.
($105.00 value for FREE)

If you're between paydays and things are tight, we completely understand. A small order will still help us reach our sales goal. We will still throw in an extra stamp or two even if your order is less than $25.

We sell more than stamps on our website! Need more Tombow adhesive? Want some acrylic blocks? How about acrylic stamp storage sheets? We also carry the amazing Kai Scissors.

Our Goal
Part of Kickstarter is goals and stretch goals. Our mail goal is $500 in sales before May 27th. It's not a crazy high goal, but it will get us all the remaining supplies we need to jump directly into mass production. 

This means 20 orders of $25 
10 orders of $50or
5 orders of $100or
a combination of all the above!

I know that we can do it! If all the above wasn't enough, I've set stretch goals. That means, if we hit different order thresholds, you get even MORE swag!

Stretch Goals
If we get $1,000 in orders by May 27th, everyone who placed an order over $25 will get a Tombow refill with their acrylic stamp sets. 100% free. It's a thank you because we couldn't have done it without you!

If we get $1,500 in orders by May 27th, everyone who placed an order over $25.00 will get a Tombow refill and a goody pack with embossing powder, flocking and a Trendy Twine mini with their stamp sets!

We can hit these stretch goals easily if you're willing to tell your crafty friends and family about this deal. Talk about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make a post on your blog. Call your scrapping or cardmaking friends. If you're reading this and want to chip in, but don't buy stamps, buy some for a loved crafter in your family. You can also email me about buying a gift certificate.

What are we going to do with stretch funds?

We're glad you asked! First, we'll buy extra acrylic stamp making supplies and possibly another piece of equipment that would make the stamp making process faster. For instance, two UV boxes means we can make twice as many stamp sets.

Second, if we hit a certain number of orders, we'll need to buy more rubber to fill all the orders.

Third, we'll buy more fonts and designs. Who doesn't love new pretties?

You made it this far! Thank you for sticking with me. I want to express my deep gratitude to you. We have felt completely welcomed by the stamping community. I consider many of you friends already. It warms my heart to be surrounded by so many wonderful, talented people. Whether you order or not, I appreciate you! 


*In this case, this is not an exemption, but rather an inclusion. If you have the rights to make stamp products from an image, we can make it. If you're an artist, we can make stamps from your art. If you have a business, we can make a stamp from your logo. Your custom set can have a return address stamp, a deposit stamp, a "copy" stamp or other design that you need. Your custom set is only limited by your imagination and digital rights. 


  1. This is such a great idea! I am totally in love with that classic cars set and seriously need to have that in my life. I am very excited about the prospect of the acrylic stamps (even though I know your current red rubber stamps are amazing and stamp beautifully!) and can't wait to see this project come into fruition.