Saturday, April 8, 2017

Custom Stamps for Maps by Angie!

We love getting custom stamp orders for different companies. It's fun to discover new companies and their services. We were especially delighted to meet Maps by Angie. She makes custom maps that are simply stunning! She wanted a stamp for her kraft paper tubes to help with branding and to spruce up a rather dull brown. She also wanted a stamp with her address so she wouldn't have to write it out all the time. Major time saver!

Of course, we had to cyber stalk her. (It's a thing, right?) Check out her stuff! You know the usual wedding guest book where people sign their names? This is a new spin on it!  Have your guests sign their names on this map where they are from. She customizes each map to fit you. Wowza!

Already married? No problem. You can get a map that suits your hobbies like a map with the major league baseball teams.
Got a lake house? Check out these cool maps. You can have Angie make them for any lake. Brain hurricane! Got that person who is impossible to buy a gift for? This might be something they don't have.
Memorable road trip? Angie can make you a map incorporating pictures from your adventure!
Angie is super sweet and easy to work with. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram or on her Etsy shop!

Do you need a custom stamp for your business? We have a price guide on our website.

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  1. The stamps you created for Angie are wonderful! Her maps are super cool too.