Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making Decorative Flowers with the Quilling Rose

Add some life to your cards with these adorable flowers made from our Quilling Rose stamp.

All you need is the Quilling Rose stamp from Victorine Originals, a stamp pad, some paper, a pair of fancy scissors, a quilling tool, and glue. (If you don't have a quilling tool, I will tell you how to make your own.)

The first step is to stamp the Quilling Rose stamp on your paper. (I don't use card stock, it's too thick.) I stamped mine with the color Mango from Memories, then I sponged over it with the same color. If you want, you can just use colored paper. I probably would have done that, but all I had was pastel colored paper, and it didn't go with my color scheme, so I sponged the color I wanted. I did sponge on the back as well.

Next you will want to cut the circle out. I like using a scalloped scissor, but you can use any design. The smaller the design, the better. The flowers look a little different depending on which scissor you use, so you might want to play around with them.

Then cut following the inside line. You can see it doesn't have to be perfect. Once you get to the middle part, you can change to regular scissors. I like using my cutter bees, because they are small and can get into the small spaces.

Next you are going to use your quilling tool to coil up your flower, starting with the outside. If you don't have a quilling tool, you can make one with a needle and a dowel cut down to about 5 inches. You'll need a needle with a large eye. Simply stick the sharp end of the needle into the end of the dowel. Then snip off the very end of the needle, so instead of a closed eye, you have two prongs. I used my wire cutters to snip it. Now you have a quilling tool!

To coil up the flower, slide your paper in between your two prongs and twist your quilling tool. It should look something like this:

Keep turning your quilling tool until the entire thing is coiled up. This is how mine looked:

Now slide your quilling tool out. Then with your fingers, uncoil the flower a little bit. You'll want to play with it just a little until it looks good to you.

Then all you do is glue it onto your project! With my card, I stamped 74674-A Leaves, and cut the point of the leaves with my exacto knife, then I curled them up a little to give them life. Then I stamped my saying, 2832-D Thinking Of You.

The Quilling Rose stamp I'm using is 74582-C Quilling Rose, and right now it's 50% off on our website! So hurry on over, I'm not sure when I'll be switching the sale items.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Super idea!

  2. I like your tutorial. I really needed it, because I was looking how to make a quilled rose. Thank you very much for sharing. Now it's very easy for me. :)