Thursday, September 3, 2009

Color Coordinating: Making a Color Journal

Color is an important part of any stamping project. So important, that I often find myself spending more time waffling between card stock and marker colors than I do on anything else. Or, after coloring in an image, not liking the colors and ending up starting over.

Making a color journal is an easy project you can do to help with color coordination. All you’ll really need are your coloring supplies, some white paper or card stock, a binder, some color examples (we’ll talk about that in a minute) and glue.

The first step in making the color journal is to catalog your color choices. This would be your colored pencils, markers, chalks, twinkling H2O’s etc. Here’s a quick example.

You’ll want to three hole punch this and put it in your binder.
You can catalog your stamp pads the same way, just stamp each pad and label the color. The stamp I used to catalog my stamp pads was 0023-AA Gumball. It’s small, but solid enough to see the stamp pad colors.

Once you have a catalog of your colors, it’s time to find color combinations that look good together. I call these color examples. There are color examples all around you, but let’s start by flipping through some magazines. I really like home decorating magazines, but other kinds will work too. And don’t just look at the articles, pay attention to the ads as well. Graphic desingers and photographers pay careful attention to color, so you can’t go wrong pulling from their work. Flip through a magazine and choose a photograph or ad with colors that you really like. Cut it out and paste it on a piece of paper. Here’s the photo I chose.

Next, look at the different colors that are in the photograph. If it’s hard to pick single colors out, you may want to take a piece of paper and cut a small square out of the middle. Then, when you place this over your picture, it will help you focus in on only one part of the photo.

Take your color catalog you’ve made, and find colors that match those in your photograph, and color or stamp them on your paper. Here’s what mine looks like:

Then, look through your card stock, and take snips of card stocks that match your color scheme and glue them on the paper, or put them in a small envelope attached to the page.

Now, you’ve finished your first color journal page. Ahh, those colors look great together! Now it will be easy to pick colors that go well together, they are already picked out for you. (Please note that you can add black or white to most color combinations.)

Next all you have to do is find more color examples that you like, and you’ll have more color schemes to work with. Here are a couple more that I have done:

Notice I did use more than one photograph on this page. I just chose several photos with the same color schemes.

After you’ve exhausted your magazine search, you can look for color examples other places. Product packaging is a great place to look. If you find one you like, paste it in your journal and catalog your colors.
As you get cards in the mail from card swaps or RAK cards, pay attention to the colors they used. You can put your favorites in your color journal and catalog them. Want more swap cards? Join our chat group, we’d love to have you. We hold swaps, and we have a RAK list too. Click here to visit the Victorine group.

To get you started, I created a PDF with some of my favorite color schemes. You can print this out and put it in your color journal as well.

Click to view the PDF.

Tip: As you purchase packaged card stock, don’t forget to catalog the colors that came together.

Now that you have some pages in your color journal, you can grab color matching stamp pads and papers with ease.

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